Upright Burials provides Australians with a proven alternative in burials that is simple, natural, and economical.


Our burial approach is distinctive in a number of ways as outlined below:

  • It is environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable.
  • The body is placed in a vertical position in a biodegradable body bag.
  • The burial method uses a far simpler and safer approach that removes the OH&S issues and labour costs associated with traditional horizontal burial.
  • The burial service includes pick up, administration, burial preparation, and burial for a single, one-time fee of $3250* (including GST).


Our service offers the individual the chance to be buried in a rural setting using a simple approach that considers the environment and minimises financial burdens for the deceased or the family.


For immediate help with a burial, please call 1300 466 860 and ask to speak to the Manager: 24 hours a day.

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